Special Legislative Update – June 6, 2017

I want to address the activity on the floor of the House on Monday, June 5th, the 108th day of the session.

Two of the major issues, school finance (CCR for SB 19) and tax policy (CCR for SB 30) were debated on the House floor and final action taken. The Conference Committees went back and forth in adding, deleting, adding back, deleting again, etc. Originally, these bills were combined in a very unorthodox manner and members voted to separate for individual debate. I voted No to get the separation.

The final versions both passed the House by comfortable margins on Monday afternoon and evening. I voted No initially on the school finance bill because of the scholarship tax credit being extended to individuals. I also was not supportive on how bond issues and corresponding facility planning was to be scrutinized. Once the vote tally was clear that the bill would pass, I changed my vote to Yes. I like the additional funding for schools of $179 million in FY18 and $279 million in FY19. The other issues can be considered next session. I have always supported additional funding for public schools and this bill is a good start.

CCR for SB 30 provides for a repeal of the LLC exemption and eliminates the Brownback Glide Path to Zero. The 3-tier tax rate plan of 3.10%, 5.25% and 5.70% provides new revenues in excess of $500 million for the next five years. The actual income tax liability will be less than in 2012. The deductibility of mortgage interest (100% by 2020), medical expenses (100% by 2020), property taxes (100% by 2020), and immediate usage of a Child Care Tax Credit (2018) are important components.

I voted NO on the bill because it did not include important economic development incentives like the Aviation Tax Credit to assist in recruiting much needed aeronautical engineers for the aviation industry. I, however, will vote YES to override the Governor’s veto which he announced in a press release early Tuesday.

I remain hopeful that the state’s business can be wrapped up by this weekend. I do intend to  honor my campaign promises on school funding and repeal of the experiment.

Again, it is a high honor to represent the 87th District.



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  1. Congratulations on your most recent legislative success, thanks for your hard work, and sticking to your campaign promises. Your efforts have been instrumental to getting both Kansas education and finance back on course. You’re doing a great job of representing the 87th district and I appreciate it.

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