AFP’s Negative Mail Campaign

Recently, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) started a negative mail campaign against legislators who voted to end the Brownback tax experiment. This is nothing new.  AFP has repeatedly spent thousands of dollars, from undisclosed donors, to attack those of us who fight for common-sense tax policy and fiscal responsibility.  They promote a failed ideological agenda of cutting taxes for their wealthy financiers, regardless of the impact on our state and fellow Kansans.  Make no mistake, we have already seen firsthand the results of such policies:  drastically underfunded schools, reduced investment in infrastructure, and failing hospitals.  We have seen prison riots, and children dying before the state can investigate and intervene.  We cannot afford for this to continue.  We cannot allow this to continue.

You elected me to support solutions allowing our state to accommodate the health and well being of all citizens, young and old.  I will continue to advocate for a stronger Kansas providing an enhanced quality of life for all.

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