District 87 is a diverse area encompassing communities in east Wichita and part of Minneha Township, extending slightly past Kellogg Avenue (US-54/400) on the south, K-96 and I-35 turnpike to the east, and just up to East 29th Street to the north. It includes Unified School Districts 385 (Andover) and 259 (Wichita). Its constituency is hardworking families, singles, and retirees. And with a slow and steady house market and highly ranked school districts, this community continues to be a thriving and desirable part of the city to live.

District 87 has a mix of public, private, and parochial schools. All students deserve the best opportunity to succeed on the path they choose to go, whether it be college, the military, or an immediate career path.

One of Roger’s top priorities is a quality education for Wichita’s children. To ensure this, funding levels for Kansas public schools must be restored. Currently, USD 259 is facing a $20 million reduction for the 2016-2017 academic year. Reductions like this impact staffing, classroom sizes, and available programs to serve the needs of the city’s children.

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