Accessible, Quality Education

A quality education is critical to our communities, our state, and our country. Kansas, in partnership with local school districts statewide, has no higher priority than assuring sufficient funding for each district. Roger is determined that all Kansas students have access to high-quality education.

As a member of the Andover Board of Education for twelve years, Roger fought to maintain classroom funding, even in the face of substantial cuts. As a Kansas State Representative, he will work tirelessly to ensure that state funding for Kansas public schools meets constitutional requirements for both equity and adequacy.  It is important to Roger that Kansas children have the best education possible.

Conservative Fiscal Policy

Roger’s beliefs in conservative fiscal policy were shaped during his career as a local banker. Balancing budgets, ensuring fair taxation, and exercising fiscal prudence in usage of public debt are critical pieces of a solid fiscal foundation. In recent years, Kansas has departed from state financial responsibility, resulting in deficit spending, unfair taxes, and excessive debt. Roger will advocate for course correction and the restoration of a conservative fiscal policy for the state of Kansas.

Economic Growth

Roger’s top priorities are aimed at strengthening the economy and creating more opportunities for Kansans. He believes that Kansas can attract new businesses and retain existing ones by providing stable tax policies and a top-rate education system.

By using a common sense approach, taking note of his constituents’ concerns, and  building consensus while respecting differing points of view, Roger will address the economic issues, concerns, and needs of not only District 87, but also the state of Kansas.